It's easy and quick to choose your new lamp by keeping this few things in mind. Lets have a look this simple 4 step!


First thing before u purchase anything, need to think about space! That large, ceramic table lamp may look lovely, but will it fit on your small side table? Still thinking to buy your dream floor lamp? Check if you have enough open space both on the floor and around other furniture pieces for the lamp to properly work.


Simple stand lamp design for your wood-themed home

This is the right time to shop your lamps by during year end sales or during festive time! A simple table lamp can be anywhere from RM20++ to RM150++, while a more elaborate table lamp made from expensive materials may cost RM200 or more. The cost is greatly dependent on the materials used and the features of the lamp. 


Combination of 2 element glass and concerete based for your muji inspo.

White stand lamp for your simple desk lamp decor. RM 50 nett

What Do You Use the Lamp for Most?
Find your lighting by detemine what activities or task u do the most at your living room, do u love to watch movie on your cozy sofa with a dim light on above? Perhaps a nice pendant light would be best. Are you looking for a lamp to use next to your reading chair? A task lamp may be a good fit. 

Task Lamp for your office-home desk

Where to Buy a Lamp?
There are many retailers that sell lamps for the living room, one of them is us! Lim Seong Hai Lighting Sdn Bhd, with 5 physical showrooms and our own e-commerce website, strives to give our customer the best variety of choices for lighting products, including table lamp and stand lamp.