Installation Services


Type of Lights

Installation Charges per Light (RM)

Downlight (Non-Looping Point)


Downlight (Looping Point)


LED Wall Lamp


LED Ceiling Lamp

80 – 150

Fluorescent Lamp / Wall Lamp


Outdoor/Spotlight/Ceiling Lamp

25 – 300

Deco/Chandelier/Crystal Lamp

300 – 2k++ without motor

If you wish to add-on our installation services, please whatapps us within 24 hours from your order.


Within 2 working days of placing your order, our customer service team will contact you via Whatsapp. When you select our installation service, you can also inform our customer service team on your preferred date and time for us to deliver and install your items for you.


Please note that installation charges shall have to be paid prior to delivery of the items.


For installation at all other parts of West Malaysia that are outside of Kuala Lumpur and Selangor, additional delivery charges may apply.


In the event that no one is available at your chosen delivery location at the agreed date and time, our installation partner will wait for an additional 15 minutes before returning to our stores. The cost of re-delivery shall be borne by you.


Once we have installed your item(s), you will be asked to sign a form confirming that your item(s) have been installed to your satisfaction. This information will be retained and relied on by us and shall be deemed conclusive evidence that we have completed our installation services in a proper manner. By signing the form, you have waived your rights to bring any claims or dispute against us for the installation services. Therefore, any claim or dispute at a later stage in relation to our installation services shall not be entertained.