Modern sensor touch lamp suitable for your bedroom and working desk



What is sensor touch lamp?

Sensor touch lamps are sensitive to human touch, it can be activated with a gentle tap on the top of the lamp. They are popular as nightstand, table lamps at home, restaurants and bars.

There are three (3) brightness levels for you to choose with each touch. You may choose cool white, day light or warm white according to  your mood and needs.

The sensor touch lamps are come with energy-saving features.

LED touch lamps are durable, you are able to use it for more than 20 hours after charging the touch lamp to full capacity.



White light for work desk


White lights promote focus and concentration. It is connected to optimal studying and working performance. A sensor touch lamp is a great choice for your working desk, it will provide you with the correct lighting with its adjustable brightness levels whether you are working, studying or focusing on a task.


Sensor touch lamp for restaurants, bars and cafés

Cordless and uniquely shaped sensor touch lamp can be used as decorative lights  in restaurants, bars and cafés. It delivers soft and steady light which create a romantic and warm atmosphere and at the same time, your customer may adjust the brightness according to preference while reading menu.


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